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E-Sys – 3.18.4 & PSDZdata V46.3 download link

Thanks the original author,i just copy them and share to more people

E-Sys Download Locations

Here’s the locations you can get copies of E-Sys. Feel free to add newer locations in new posts.

E-Sys – 3.18.4 – Program and EST and PIN – Information file. Open with notepad

PSDZdata V46.3

If you use Usenet, I’ve attached a .nzb file. Remove the .pdf and you should be left with a .nzb file. Use your usenet client to download.

If you would like to use an FTP server PM username: gspannu and ask if you could connect to his FTP server.

E-Sys – 3.20

Heads up we don’t have a working token for this version; so if you code and can work out what’s required to get the program working then please feel free to work your magic. – Password is “digi” without quotes.

E Sys BMW Programming App.nzb



BMW 523Li sedan GWS line fault

Mileage of about 80,000 km, models is the F18 BMW 523Li sedan 2012 . Users reflect: This vehicle can not change gear when travel, instrument displays “shift lever can not shift,” the central information display shows “shift lever failure, may not switch gears.”

Troubleshooting: Vehicle towed back to the shop after checking found no bright lights on GWS, first connect ISID diagnostic testing, failure to read as follows:

· CF17A1 information (status: shift button, 0x197) Missing: EGS receiver, GWS transmitter

· CF17B1 information (status: shift button, 0x197) Missing: EGS receiver, GWS transmitter

· CF1701 shift button interface : ( shift button states: communication complete failure, 0x197) signal is invalid

· S0001 unable to communicate with the following devices: the shift button

The GWS fault code refers to the shift lever switch, shift switch (GWS) by the electronic control unit and shift lever components. Sport button (EDC button) has been integrated into the shift switch, an integrated sensor to detect the shift lever position and the shift of the locking member unintentionally in the electronic control device. Shift switch (GWS) is used to select automatic transmission with Steptronic mode and a sport mode programs running gear. Transmission shift switch is mounted in the front portion of the center console area of ​​the vehicle and is designed as a dedicated control module. Not mechanically but electronically controlled transmission by using a shift switch. Using the shift lever can choose from the following location:

· Function P for parking via a dedicated button on the steering shift switch

· For reverse gear

· For neutral

· For driving = automatic operation mode

· M for manual operation mode = Steptronic; S for Sport mode with automatic operation mode program = sporty characteristic line

A locking member to prevent inadvertent switching to position R. To cancel locking the brakes by pressing a spoon in addition to the brake pedal, but also must press the unlocking button on the shift lever. In the shift switch (GWS) for the three locking pieces installed a total of three actuators. For automatic reset bit from a manual transmission to automatic bit locking and automatic reset manual transmission bits, using motors in series with a transmission mechanism. The locking member in the R direction, the shift lever position, using a two-way, spring-centered double magnet (electromagnet). The shift lever position D along the direction of the locking member, using a spring-loaded single magnet (electromagnet). The locking member from the bus terminal KL. 15 plays before turning power. So make sure that any shift schedule in case of failure does not lock automatically run mode through the installation of the actuator under.

With the sensor without contact GWS shift lever position detection, and forwarded to the transmission control system (EGS) by PT-CAN.

· 7 Hall sensors detect the vehicle longitudinal direction shift lever position

· 4 Hall sensors detect the vehicle lateral shift lever position

The shift lever is configured to be the indicator function of the shift map, and the display position P, R, N, D, M / S. With the light-emitting diode (LED) in the shift map shown in linked into the driving gear. When the electronic transmission control system (EGS) has been performed in this state driver’s intention and feedback via the bus through a message to the shift switch (GWS), was shown in the figure hanging shift into a driving gear. As long as the PT-CAN bus communication or PT-CAN2 bus activation function indicator has been activated.

To improve reliability, the shift switch position signal through the PT-CAN and PT-CAN2 bus transfer. So that when the PT-CAN failure will also send a signal to the EGS. For safety reasons do not need to send this signal. Its safety is guaranteed by the counter-alive signal or the complementary signals. GWS through PT-CAN wake to wake up on the high wire. GWS itself does not have the ability to take the initiative to wake up.

Select the fault content execution “AT2461_GWSVER- shift button (GWS) power supply diagnostic” test plan, diagnostic system can communicate with GWS. Analyze possible causes are as follows:

· Vehicle network voltage is too low

· Control Module powered damaged

· Communication lines damaged

Then bring up the testing program in accordance with the requirements of the relevant circuit diagram GWS controlled basis to check.

Power Check the F64 fuse measuring GWS normal, 12V voltage, not blown damage; an inspection GWS’s foot-powered S45 * 1B for 12V voltage measurements 5 feet grounded properly; check the measurement of S45 * 1B GWS 2 feet 15WUP have 12V voltage, normal. Check measuring GWS’s 545 * 1 B 3 feet and 4 feet, PT-CAN signal voltage is normal; check the measurement GWS S45 “1B 6 feet and 7 feet, PT-CAN2 signal voltage is normal and other normal vehicle swap GWS. conduct a trial run, the results still can not rule out the gear fault indicator .GWS not lit, the fault is not the same as before the change, the fault car GWS installed on other vehicles can be used normally, indicating that the problem is not the GWS.

Measured from the beginning again, and found GWS S45 * 1B foot sometimes no electricity. Unplug the fuse is not blown damage inspection F64, F64 fuse measurements have 12V voltage supply terminal. Then measure the F64 fuse between GWS S45 * 1B is a foot wire is normal, not interrupting a short circuit. The F64 fuse installed back, shaking fuse line and GWS lines tested and found GWS S45 * 1B is a foot and sometimes no electricity. Hand to suppress the F64 fuse, it has been the normal power supply. Description is connected to terminals F64 fuse in question.

Remove the front fuse box Z1 * 8B plugs, found Z1 * 8B of 4 feet not fixed, it will move backward. Continue removing the Z1 * 8B of four feet, found four anti-card has been broken foot, causing the pins can not be fixed in the plug top, causing GWS sometimes lead to supply virtual access function failure. Z1 * 8B plug position in the junction box shown in Figure 2.

Replacing Z1 * 8B sockets and connectors, delete the fault memory, test troubleshooting.

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BMW INPA K+CAN USB Interface Diagostic Tool- another set of original detection software

Today, on the first to share BMW INPA K+CAN USB Interface Diagostic Tool.To use the BMW INPA, you must have a K Line or K + DCAN wire, the wire can buy it on, If your car is 2006/6 types of vehicles months ago, only to buy K Line wire, if your car is 2006/7 after month, it would need to buy a K + DCAN wire, wire latter much more expensive; but many are just cheap former wire RS232 connector, we must buy another USB <-> Port of adapter, remember, if you buy a USB adapter, then remember to buy the FTDI chip adapter, or else may not be used. I was a buy K + D CAN wire, the future if the need arises, there can be detected relatively new types of vehicles; wire has bought some time, but no air use, only recently have time to play, this wire itself is already USB connector, so you do not need to buy another adapter.

In addition to the wire, you also need INPA and EDIABAS these two sets of software, EDIABAS is a communications protocol, BMW INPA or other software are communicating through EDIABAS with car, if your car is before 2006 vehicles, it is recommended to install Ediabas 6.4.3 and INPA 4.4.7 can be, but if it is after 2006 car, we recommend to install Ediabas 6.4.7 and INPA 5.0.2, this version is not up to date, but has been good enough.

BMW INPA is another set of original detection software, the function is similar with the DIS, but no DIS guide function, you can use this software to do many things, for example, read fault codes, eliminating fault codes, monitor engine speed boxes and other relevant data, the use of very simple, and very fast, if only for actions related to the above, then, INPA is a good use of the software, unlike DIS so complicated; but I will not really play INPA purpose right INPA interested, but right NCSEXPERT interested, NCSEXPERT as long as the purpose is to do the coding for the car moves, coding? seems very complicated, in fact, the main purpose is to let your personal car, for example, can target different keys for personal action, for example, if you are the first team to take the keys, you can make personalized key for this one, you can remember your seat position, mirror position or set daytime running lights in fact, this set with SSS software functionality is the same, but the SSS are graphical, NCSEXPERT must own the corresponding functions, and make changes, you can change any of the settings, but it is because of this, either easily have chosen your car messed up, that is to say, NCSEXPERT is for staff use within the BMW factory, you need to know is what you want to change; while SSS are mainly used to Dealer, two Duman interesting set of software, come back another day to share.

INPA main screen (which is INPA 5.0.2 version, in 2009 when the previous vehicles covered)

INPA-Main-Ignition Off-With Adapter.png

Reads engine information (to find their own car’s engine DME, DIS will find you)



Read engine data


Read gearbox


Transmission related data






Find a fun measurement – Fuel tank capacity – so that I can calculate the fuel consumption of a high-speed and general road.


Other modules





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BMW Carsoft is employed to check automobile management unit and overall condition, service interval reset, part activation, live data, least common multiple reading, sync, EWS and eu adaptation values, and coding.

BMW INPA is employed for automobile designation, and straightforward driver programming.

But a way to use Carsoft interface with BMW INPA? nowadays i might wish to bring up it.

First, install the BMW INPA computer code.

1. Run the file “Instprog.exe”

2. choose English, click Continue

There will show the Reference List. Click Continue.

3. choose C:\ as destination drive, and click on Continue

4. choose the configuration. Let’s build it “BMW cluster Recertification programs UK”, and click on Continue.

5. choose “Complete” choice next to the “EDIABAS and INPA”, click Continue.

6. choose OBD as interface and click on still begin installation.

7. Click finish once the installation finished.

8. Open Windows soul and realize “C:\Ediabas\Bin”, open it with pad of paper

9. realize the “RemoteHost” and “Port”. modification the worth with “” and “6801” severally.

Save and shut the file.

10. Open the folder “C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\OBD” and run “OBDSetup.exe”.

Press any key to continue.

11. Click Windows+Break to open the System Properties: Open “Advanced”, click “Environment Variables”,

12. choose the “Path” system variable, click Edit.

Add a punctuation at the top of the variable statement, then kind “C:\ediabas\bin”, and click on OK.

Connect your CarSoft cable to the diagnostic port, and your laptop.

13. Open Device Manager, and ensure that your port is:

a. appointed to COM1

b. first in first out buffers area unit enabled

c. Receive and Transmit Buffers area unit set to eight

Please attention: it’s necessary to run CarSoft once to urge the interface to figure with INPA.

14. begin CarSoft, choose “Perform Diagnosis”, click DDE.
If failed, you wish to urge your communications along with your interface and CarSoft operating before continuing: begin INPA with the route INPA(_.IPO)
Now it ought to be done to run Carsoft cable with BMW INPA. And you’ll attempt to check your automobile.
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BMW INPA + 140+2.01+2.10 Diagnostic Interface OBD2 OBD-II Diagnostic System