BMW INPA K+CAN USB Interface Diagostic Tool- another set of original detection software

Today, on the first to share BMW INPA K+CAN USB Interface Diagostic Tool.To use the BMW INPA, you must have a K Line or K + DCAN wire, the wire can buy it on, If your car is 2006/6 types of vehicles months ago, only to buy K Line wire, if your car is 2006/7 after month, it would need to buy a K + DCAN wire, wire latter much more expensive; but many are just cheap former wire RS232 connector, we must buy another USB <-> Port of adapter, remember, if you buy a USB adapter, then remember to buy the FTDI chip adapter, or else may not be used. I was a buy K + D CAN wire, the future if the need arises, there can be detected relatively new types of vehicles; wire has bought some time, but no air use, only recently have time to play, this wire itself is already USB connector, so you do not need to buy another adapter.

In addition to the wire, you also need INPA and EDIABAS these two sets of software, EDIABAS is a communications protocol, BMW INPA or other software are communicating through EDIABAS with car, if your car is before 2006 vehicles, it is recommended to install Ediabas 6.4.3 and INPA 4.4.7 can be, but if it is after 2006 car, we recommend to install Ediabas 6.4.7 and INPA 5.0.2, this version is not up to date, but has been good enough.

BMW INPA is another set of original detection software, the function is similar with the DIS, but no DIS guide function, you can use this software to do many things, for example, read fault codes, eliminating fault codes, monitor engine speed boxes and other relevant data, the use of very simple, and very fast, if only for actions related to the above, then, INPA is a good use of the software, unlike DIS so complicated; but I will not really play INPA purpose right INPA interested, but right NCSEXPERT interested, NCSEXPERT as long as the purpose is to do the coding for the car moves, coding? seems very complicated, in fact, the main purpose is to let your personal car, for example, can target different keys for personal action, for example, if you are the first team to take the keys, you can make personalized key for this one, you can remember your seat position, mirror position or set daytime running lights in fact, this set with SSS software functionality is the same, but the SSS are graphical, NCSEXPERT must own the corresponding functions, and make changes, you can change any of the settings, but it is because of this, either easily have chosen your car messed up, that is to say, NCSEXPERT is for staff use within the BMW factory, you need to know is what you want to change; while SSS are mainly used to Dealer, two Duman interesting set of software, come back another day to share.

INPA main screen (which is INPA 5.0.2 version, in 2009 when the previous vehicles covered)

INPA-Main-Ignition Off-With Adapter.png

Reads engine information (to find their own car’s engine DME, DIS will find you)



Read engine data


Read gearbox


Transmission related data






Find a fun measurement – Fuel tank capacity – so that I can calculate the fuel consumption of a high-speed and general road.


Other modules





To buy BMW INPA K+CAN USB Interface Diagostic Tool,you can visit the shop:


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